The world, and technology moves at lightning speed, and has been since I can remember. Truthfully, I remember my first mobile phone, which was as big (and heavy) as a brick. And look at our smart phones now and all the things they can do. If you told me all those years ago that our smartphones will be as advanced as they are today I wouldn't have believed it. But only a few short years, and look at where we are.


The Introduction of AI is similar in many ways. Right now we are at the " brick stage". It is early days for the current version of AI (Generative AI) to really do all the things we could really benefit from. There is another variant of AI AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), which understands” the meaning of every word, and can help people collaborate.

For AI to make a huge impact and meaningful difference to humankind, a successful collaboration is needed between government, legislators, public servants, the legal fraternity, banking and so on. 

It is important for everyone to be on the same page, and work together for a successful meaningful outcome.

The problem is that there are too many opinions, some of them with knowledge behind them, others not so much. For some people, it is hard to understand and be forward thinkers. For others they are threatened by technology. Some people just don't like change.  

But if everyone can agree that AI can only make our life easier, then it is a good start. The challenge will always be how different viewpoints can successfully collaborate to make AI meaningful technology that makes life easier.


We are all in this together


We are all really in this together, but the problem is getting everyone to agree and see each other’s point of view and work with it is the challenge. For example, consider the creation and administration of legislation.

The lawyer will have a different outlook to a legislator and a public servant, or a programmer, and the challenge is to get everyone at the table to agree on the best course of action. The programmer for example will have limited knowledge of legal implications and so everyone needs to be on the same page to create something that helps humankind, rather than complicate it. One way of doing this is to use a machine to hold and understand the details of the legislation, and keep the details “live”. The specialist can use the machine’s “understanding” to be better informed as to what the legislation is about, and make a useful contribution.


Different specialties understand different parts of the legislation,

with very limited overlap


It is a marriage between the legislators or administrators, the legal system and the computer. If that collaboration can be done successfully, then foresight and results will merge successfully. Because legislators, programmers and the legal fraternity can bring different skills, different knowledge and experience.

The trick will always be to merge all this information and skill to a unified and meaningful collaboration, rather than have people not understanding anything outside their specialty.

We are unlikely to get to this level of understanding

at the beginning, but we can certainly do better

using an #AGI tool



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