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Not Good Enough - Not by a long shot

  Mark Dreyfus - Attorey-General of Australia   “The robodebt royal commission remains there as an absolutely  salutary warning  to Australian public servants and future Australian governments: when an act of the Parliament directs certain things occur, that has to be obeyed,” Dreyfus told  The Mandarin . That sounds nice, but what does it mean? When the precise meaning of the legislation allows interpretation, and your adversaries are clever unscrupulous people it means very little. In one instance, the legislation said that “the best efforts of the department should be made to obtain payslips from the employer”. When the programmers asked what that meant, the lawyer said – “Ignore anything not defined”, easily casting responsibility away from the department and towards the welfare recipient. We are suggesting that holding the legislation only in written form is a mistake. Instead, the legislation should be held in an active form – we call it Active Structure . About 12% of

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