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Godzilla In Action

  More than a year ago, we received an email from a law firm acting on Google’s behalf that said we should consent to Google being able to use the Orion trademark for their products, or they would move to have our trademark removed from the register. We had held the trademark for forty years, so we said no. Google was saying it would be used by grocery stores to rent out their WiFi and make a little on the side. Google did not mention the other end of the spectrum, where there is a conference about Advanced Semiconductors, and Chinese people and companies are pointedly not invited. There would be a strong motive for a technologically advanced state actor with vast resources to penetrate the WiFi shield and learn everything that was said. Google would have to fall back on selling “trusted” WiFi, with a continuing technology race, making it anything but a Mom and Pop Grocery Store operation. Because we said no, so a hearing was arranged, and a Review Period set in the recent past. Fo

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